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At our professional photography studio, we are in the business of creating beautiful, tangible artwork that can be handed down generation after generation. We’re also in the business of delighting each and every client who walks through our studio door.

As a mom myself, I completely understand my clients’ desires to have it all: the heirloom art pieces featuring their family love and connection and the digital images for their own archival preservation. I also understand that Be True Mamas are busy mamas, and they don’t have the time to research the best quality prints, frames, albums and the like for their children and their children’s children.

So most of our clients do walk away from their sessions with both. And what delights our clients the most is that often, they walk away with the digital images as our free gift!

Digital images from Be True Image Design include a customized, wooden USB flash drive with high resolution images optimized for printing, as well as social media files for sharing online. We also include a print license for unlimited personal printing, as well as tips for printing and a list of recommended consumer labs. All digital collections also come with matching 5×7 white-bordered proofs for color reference, all presented in a lovely linen image box for safe-keeping.

Digital Images by Be True Image Design | Raleigh Newborn and Baby Photographer

For information about our digital images and all of the fine art products we offer, get in touch for a current Product Guide.

“For me, being a mom is a wonderful, messy dichotomy.  Half of it feels sacred and lovely and holy, moments that absolutely take your breath away and that you’ll never forget.  But the other half are these hilarious, riotous moments where you feel a little crazed because ‘We’re late!, We’re scattered! and oh my gosh where the heck are your pants!’  I feel like I have learned though that no matter how I feel in the stressful moments, I almost always look back on these moments with joy or humor.

Seeing my girls play and interact is my greatest joy.  I don’t have a sister so I didn’t realize the powerful bond that they already have.  Cordelia is so sweet with Daphne and Daphne adores and copies everything Cordelia does.  They make me laugh a hundred times a day and I love knowing that they’ll never remember a time without each other in this world.

We moved to the Triangle almost immediately after I became a mother and I can say, without a doubt, that I have made some of the best friends in the world through my kids.  I read a lot about ‘Mommy Wars’ and controversies about myriad topics before I became a mom but I’ve almost universally found the moms here to be fun, loving, and non-judgmental.  These are moms who admit their struggles, swap stories of irrational toddlers, and are so generous of spirit.  I feel like the Mommy Wars makes for really great press but the reality is that motherhood has been an incredibly bonding experience and that admitting my struggles has made it so much easier to make great friends.  I feel so blessed that my girls have this larger group of loving mamas to know and admire.”
~ Elisabeth, mother to Cordelia and Daphne, daughter to Linda

Celebrating Motherhood | Elisabeth, Cordelia, Daphne and Linda

Celebrating Motherhood | Elisabeth, Cordelia, Daphne and Linda

Celebrating Motherhood is a month-long series of images and stories featuring Be True mamas with their children. To schedule your own Motherhood Portraits, please contact us.

Wondering what to wear for your Mommy and Me Portrait Session? We are head over heels in love with this lace dress from Free People, as well as this darling baby boy romper from Zara. Both are part of our studio wardrobe collection available to all of our clients. Add a few details like some shimmery gold jewelry and strappy shoes, and you’re done!

What to Wear: Mommy and Me | Be True Image Design

We are celebrating motherhood all month long through our Celebrating Motherhood series. To schedule your own Mommy and Me portrait session, or any other type of session we offer, contact us today.

“Motherhood is both beautiful and exhausting in all of its complexities. I have learned that being truly selfless is a requirement and yet I’m filled with inspiration every day. Being a first-time mama to my daughter can, at one moment, bring me to my knees in an unfulfilled desire to be perfect (or even adequate) for her; and in the next, elevate me higher than I ever imagined. I remember the day clearly when doctors told me I couldn’t have a baby – and then I made Maeve. This first Mother’s Day is truly a miracle. My daughter’s Irish namesake means “one who intoxicates” and looking at the stunning results of her photo session; it is clear that Christy has truly captured that.”
~ Aimee and Maeve

Celebrating Motherhood | Raleigh Baby Photographer | Be True Image Design

 Celebrating Motherhood is a month-long series of images and stories featuring Be True mamas with their children. To schedule your own Motherhood Portraits, please contact us.